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ASP Studio 2005 Free Download

ASP Studio 2005 free Download ASP Studio 2005 is a powerful project development tool integrated with ASP code editing and debugging. With no server , you can edit and debug an ASP project with the help of ASP server integrated capable of debugging , after you create an ASP project simply.

  • Integrated with ASP server.
  • Editor with code auto-prompt function.
  • With step and breakpoints debugger.
  • Apply to watch the object's value within debugging.
  • Provide for editing Multi-Codepage.

ASP Studio 2005 Info

Download Click Download
File Size 3.20 MB
License Free to Try
Requirement 64MB RAM 32MB HD Space
Screenshot Screenshot
Our Rating
Operating System Windows 7, 2000, XP, Vista

Buy Now for only $189.98

Download a FREE trial version 3.20 MB

ASP Studio 2005 Software Brief:
  • Integrated with ASP server:
    This software is Integrated with an ASP server which has capable of debugging. With no IIS, you can run and debug the ASP project after creation.(In fact, ,your operation system is completely independent of any ASP server. Even in the environments of Windows 98, our asp server integrated will also operate normally.)
  • Editor with code auto-prompt function:
    The edit interface of the software is a editor of source level,it specially optimizes the ASP programs, which make it competent to list the member functions and their grammar cues of ASP object integrated, COM object and object user-defined .
  • Support breakpoints and step to debug:
    You can start up your ASP project with breakpoints, step and so on . When the server is executing on the breakpoint(or you're stepping, there are many ways for you to watch the variable values of the current server port. We specially optimize the ASP object integrated, which enables it to show more detailed information on the interface.
  • Applicable to watch object user-definded:
    Even if your variable is a COM object (for example ,the connection of database ,visit to files in the disc) or other object user-defined ,our software can also precisely show the value and state of the breakpoint.
  • Convenient outer editor interface:
    The software itself doesn't support WYSWYG static HTML editing function ,but you're free to choose HTML editing software preferred , DreamWeave for example , to edit static HTML code. Interactive editing is applicable for the software.
  • Multi-Codepage editing:
    The software is able to automatically process all kind of Codepage.
ASP Studio 2005 Key Techniques
  • ASP Debugging Server:
    The main function of this software is to debug ASP code . It's well known for all ASP developers , a satisfactory development tool is still absent for the time being , which is different from VC++, VC# and VB. Take Dreamweave for example ,for which the ASP code edit function is available, but it's very inconvenient to debug the ASP program ; InterDev released by Microsoft , for instance , which is mainly developed for networks engineering , makes it possible to debug ASP code,but it's difficult to configurate IIS server with InterDev. Even you configurate the IIS in the mode of debugging ,browser may encounter extra code accessory with information visited , which may result in the failure of image display sometimes (If you choose to display the image data with ASP code , the image may be displayed normally during non-debugging and fail to be displayed during debugging). Visual Studio 2003 can also be used as an ASP debugger , but the above problem may arise too , even worse ,in most case , the debugger fails to be started up. We embed the ASP debugging server in the software , and enable it to exchange information with the main window conveniently . You can debug your ASP programs at any time .
  • ASP Source Code editor:
    There are many static page editors available , however ,an excellent ASP source code editor is scarce . Many developers compile ASP code with EditPlus,Ultraedit and other tools, but the ASP code grammar cue is not applicable for EditPlus , let alone grammar cue for object user-defined.
Basic Step for Operating:
  • Create a new project:
    Click the mouse right key on the 'solution' bar , and create a new ASP project . The project may be existent or newly-created .If you have created many projects , you can choose one of them as startup project .You may appoint a startup file for every project , when the debugger is started up . Startup project's WEB root directory(namely the root directory of the project ,if no appointment has been made ) will be the ASP server's root directory,and the startup file will be first run .
  • Edit the document:
    Double click the web file under project directory tree , and the editor will be run automatically for editing. You can also appoint an outer program to run the corresponding file . Our product is aimed at the ASP development , so source code is optimized for editing. Though the visual editing for HTML is not applicable , you're able to carry out interactive editing conveniently with outer editor.
  • Set the breakpoint:
    Click the furthest left bar corresponding to ASP code with mouse left key , and you can set or cancel the breakpoint for debugging .When the debugger runs to the point , it will automatically return to the main interface. At that time , you're able to watch current parameter values of every kind in the 'auto variable'. You can also add the variable to be monitored to the windows of 'Watch1' or 'Watch2' with the help of 'add variable 'in the menu ; or you can directly watch the value of a certain variable by the 'quick watch' function . s
  • Watch the variable:
    When the program is running on the breakpoint , the corresponding variable's basic value will be displayed in the mode of ToolTip at corresponding place , if you point the cursor to the variable to be checked and keep still for about one second .You can watch multiple variables conveniently.
  • Error cue:
    When the debugger detect a certain grammar error , it will automatically run the corresponding file to the editing interface , and display a cue at the error code.
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