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DiskPatch Pro Free Download

DiskPatch Pro free Download DiskPatch is a professional DOS based data recovery utility that recovers data by repairing corrupt disk structures, like the partition tables, 'in-place'.
DiskPatch is designed to tackle the most common issues that prevent you from accessing your data; a corrupt MBR (Master Boot Record), corrupt partition tables, accidentally deleted partitions, corrupt boot sectors, and 'bad' sectors.

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Download a FREE trial version 1.11MB

DiskPatch Pro Into

Download Click Download
File Size 1.11MB
License Free to Try
Requirement Pentium II class at least 200 MHz
RAM: 64 MB
Screenshot Screenshot1 Screenshot2
Our Rating
Operating System Windows 7, 2000, XP, Vista

Corruption of the MBR, partition tables and boot sectors account for the majority of the problems that lead to 'mass data loss'; situations where an entire drive or partition can't be accessed.
You can fix these problems yourself using DiskPatch! DiskPatch automatically repairs damaged, corrupt or missing partition tables and boot sectors. Fast. Simple. Safe.
To make recovery from future disasters even easier, DiskPatch allows you to back up important disk structures like the MBR, partition tables and boot sectors.

Key features:
  • Partition Table Recovery
  • Boot Sector Repair
  • Boot Sector Repair
  • Disk Layout Backup
  • Load State Files
  • Undo Repairs
  • Refresh MBR Boot Code
  • Partition Table Management
  • Read/Only Surface Scan
  • Read/Write Surface Scan
  • Disk Cloning
  • Disk Wipe
  • Disk Editor
  • Partition Table Editor
  • Boot Sector Editor
  • Requires PC ID logon
  • Forensic Mode
  • Partition table Repair
  • Boot Sector Repair
  • Surface Scan (all)
  • Disk Wipe
  • Disk Clone
  • Disk Layout Backup
  • Partition Table Editor
  • Boot Sector Editor

DOS? I don't have it, I don't know it!
  • DiskPatch is a DOS (DOS = Disk Operating System) program that easily fits on a diskette that includes the DOS operating system. DOS is one of the few operating systems that can be run from a diskette.
  • The advantages of being able to work from DOS are obvious: you can boot your PC and use DiskPatch even when Windows fails to start. Also, since Windows isn't running when you use DiskPatch, Windows can't interfere with the repair (Windows isn't 'in the way').
  • DiskPatch comes complete with a pre-configured DOS bootable diskette. You do not need to understand DOS to create and configure a DiskPatch Start Disk, simply download and install DiskPatch and let the Boot Diskette Builder do the rest.
  • Start the problem PC using the just created diskette and DiskPatch will start automatically.

DiskPatch is for PC professionals and home users alike
  • DiskPatch is designed to be as easy to use as possible for people that have never used low level disk utilities before, and at the same time accommodate the needs of professional users. So, if you are wondering if you will be able to use DiskPatch to repair your disk, the answer is 'yes, you will!'.
  • Most common issues causing a disk or drive to become inaccessible can be fixed automatically; all you have to do is let DiskPatch scan your disk. Once DiskPatch has finished scanning, you identify and select the partitions (damaged and intact) you want to be able to access after the repair, and let DiskPatch work out the rest. That's it. All this and more can be done using the 'Partition Repair' version.
  • If you want more power and access to the DiskPatch Professional features such as the disk editor, the non destructive read/write test (for fixing bad sectors), disk cloning (bypassing bad sectors or logical errors) and disk wiping or low level formatting, then the DiskPatch Pro version is the right choice for you.
  • If you have any trouble using DiskPatch or if there are certain things you do not understand while using DiskPatch, you'll be glad to know that DiskPatch is backed by top quality personal support!
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