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GroupMail 5 Free Download

GroupMail 5 free Download With the multi award winning GroupMail range of products you can take the effort out of your Marketing, Bulk Email and SMS text message requirements with complete ease and total peace of mind.

Email is without doubt the most important Internet technology available. With that in mind you need to make sure that you have the right tools available if you want to use it for your benefit.

GroupMail is helping thousands of businesses and individuals in over 140 countries make email work for them - Try GroupMail today for yourself and see how it can help you!

Buy Personal Edition Now for only $99.95

Buy Business Edition Now for only $249.95

Download a FREE trial version 11.5 MB

GroupMail 5 Info

Download Click Download
File Size 11.5 MB
License Free to Try
Requirement 256MB RAM
Our Rating
Operating System Windows 7, 2000, XP, Vista

With GroupMail you can easily:
  • Send highly professional formatted messages that are personalized for each of your recipients: Using over which ever fields of information you have stored for each of your recipients (or contacts) you can create highly personalized messages and templates.

    All messages can be fully previewed before sending with 100% accuracy - see exactly what your clients are going to see before you send to them!
  • Manage an unlimited number of fully customizable groups/lists with an unlimited number of recipients in each. With GroupMail you can create and manage any number of groups (with any field structure you like) with any number of recipients.

    All group management (search, copy, move, modify, purge, merge, import, export, delete, sort, print etc.) is carried out via our unique Group Manager and switching between groups when editing or sending your messages is a simple one click process.
  • Keep your recipient details private and secure. GroupMail will never expose your recipient lists to your recipients like typical email packages do! Your recipient lists are one of your most valuable items - GroupMail will make sure that you don't give them away, even by accident. A lot of email packages on the market will happily let you expose your entire mailing list in the headers (To or CC field) of the messages you send. This will never happen with GroupMail. The only email addresses your recipients will ever see in the headers of messages you send them are theirs and yours.
  • Keep your recipient details private and secure (number 2): Don't be held hostage by a flaky third party who could go out of business at any time. As a Group Mail user you will never have to rely on anybody else to mind, protect or even to allow you access to your data. All your recipient information will be stored locally on YOUR computer, available to you at any time, and will only be accessible by you and nobody else!
  • Run and maintain CAN-SPAM compliant Newsletters with powerful automated subscription and removal support. With the help of our free Subscriber Add-on you can easily manage any number of mailing lists and newsletters. You can process Double Opt-in Subscription requests, remove requests, and bounces easily and quickly directly from any number of email accounts. Responses are sent automatically to successful requests.

    With support for multiple sender identities GroupMail also allows you to host mailing lists on behalf of others, automatically and easily.
  • Send Personalized SMS text Messages to your recipients from GroupMail Business Edition.Easily send personalized text messages to cell & mobile phones on over 500 networks all around the world with the help of our unique free Email to SMS gateway tool.

    SMS Text messaging is gaining in popularity like no other medium - now you can take advantage of this: Send personalized news alerts, updates, vouchers, special offers and what ever else you can think of directly to each recipients phone just as you would send them an email!
  • Prepare and schedule messages for delivery any time in the future with GroupMail Business Edition.The Business Editions comes complete with its own Task Scheduler. With this you can Schedule and queue messages for delivery any time in the future and set repeat or follow-up options. It is also possible to schedule the Subscriber Add-on as well
  • Prepare and send your messages in practically any language.GroupMail currently supports 30 International Character sets and the number is rising. If you don't find the one you require contact our support department and we will get it added to the next update. A full range of industry standard encoding options are available to make sure your messages are delivered correctly and intact. Message bodies, Subject lines, header names, all are encoded.
  • Fully control and target your mailings. GroupMail offers several ways to target and filter your mailings. Any of the fields you use to store recipient information can be used to build powerful filters. These filters can be applied to importing, exporting and most importantly sending. Other ways to improve targeting are available through the use of stepped or partial sending options, exclusion lists, and other advanced properties.

    With advanced Header customization options you can completely control where replies and bounces are sent allowing fantastic reply management and delegation. You can also implement support for Warranted Sender programs like Habeas SWE for example. See the Habeas SWE / GroupMail Tutorial for more details
  • Work with existing data and information in practically any format.Importing data from existing applications or databases couldn't be easier. GroupMail can import practically any file type, text, CSV, binary, databases, and email address books. At present any database that supports ODBC or OLEDB (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access, FoxPro, Excel, etc.) can be imported or linked directly into GroupMail Business Edition.

    Currently supported (no export to CSV required!!) address book formats including distribution lists are: Eudora, Outlook Express, Outlook, Netscape, Opera, AOL, Thunderbird/Mozilla, Lotus Notes, Exchange, PINE, GroupWise and other formats are being added continuously. All data imported is checked for duplicates and all email addresses are validated using strict industry standards for formatting.
  • Do follow-up mailings with precision, resume from failures with complete peace of mind and have access to all send related details in highly defined reports and logs. Using unique send management techniques GroupMail allows you to see with just one click how a previously mailing went. In-depth logs are available showing each and every transaction that occurred during the mailing, summaries are also available. You can do follow up mailings to new members in your groups, resume from failed mailing attempts and much more, and with complete peace of mind - no more unprofessional duplicate messages should your internet connection go down etc. Just select the message from our Message manager and click Resume or Follow-up - that's how easy it is!
  • Send messages directly to your recipients from your desktop, or through a dedicated e-mail server using multiple connections.
    With GroupMail you can send your messages through your ISP or internal Mail server, or direct from GroupMail (bypassing the requirement for a mail server) to your recipients. GroupMail supports SSL connections, all standard authentication options (NTLM, AUTH, POP3) and has the ability to automatically break down large mailings by number or time or both allowing you to avoid overloading your mail server - you just click send and let it do the rest.

    GroupMail Business Editions allows you to send using up to 256 connections which make your mailings much much faster (Personal Edition supports 3 connections, Free Edition supports 1). Failed messages (when sent directly) can be retried any number of times and/or routed through other mail servers giving you the maximum in reliability.
  • Extend functionality through a range of free add-ons.GroupMail Personal and Business Edition users can take advantage of a number of free add-ons that provide such things as Mobile SMS text messaging, MSN support, backup management, subscription management, email address verification and validation, XML Transformation. More add-ons are being added all the time, if you've got an idea for one just let us know! [more info on Add-ons]
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